Freedom Teachers
Freedom Teachers have a patriotic spirit and a willingness to teach our children well.Support of teachers in your community to help with the subjects you may not be as versed in.

Welcome To Freedom Camp

A Different Kind of Teaching

We provide one day  Freedom Camps  (during school vacations) for your children and we offer teaching resources to successfully start a Freedom Camp in your community !  Freedom camps are free (nominal registration fee) and are offered on a first registered, first served basis. THE NEXT MINI CAMP IS TUES, April 15th!

What is Freedom Camp?

Freedom Camp is a fun “camp” run by teachers knowledgeable about our Founding Fathers, Constitution and how our exceptional country came to be.  It is open to all children who are currently in the 3rd-7th grades. flaggirl We are uniquely qualified to focus on the children and get much accomplished in 3.5 hours (9am-12:30pm).  There will be no testing at Freedom Camp.  It is fun learning in a prideful, patriotic spirit and setting.  As in “old school” classrooms, children will be grouped together so 9 year olds will learn from 13 year olds (and perhaps even visa versa).  After all, life is an ongoing learning process.  We are all truly lifelong learners!


Our Mission:

Our mission is to instill the joy of learning by reaching beyond basic standards. We are an exceptional country and we desire to rebuild a sense of patriotism, pride in our daily work, and respect for the principles that the Founding Fathers initiated with the drafting of the Constitution.  Children become our future and they will indeed lead America.  Let us prepare them with the eloquence of speaking and writing, the logic of math and science, the self-worth gained from personal development, and the critical thinking skills to research and report the truth. Our Freedom Camps provide the fun, safe and encouraging setting to achieve these goals.

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